1978 Domaine de la Presle. Fleurie, France.

Is Beaujolais any good?

1978 Domaine de la Presle. Fleurie, France

I’ve never been a fan of Beaujolais Nouveau, but do enjoy proper Beaujolais. What is “proper” Beaujolais, you ask? Firstly, it actually forms part of Burgundy and is made from the Gamay grape. Good Beaujolais can be found in the classified Crus (or areas). The Crus that I look out for are Morgon, Fleurie and Moulin-à-Vent. These wines can age very well and do not taste anything like the confected Nouveau stuff.

At a tasting group recently, one of the members brought along a 1978 Beaujolais from the Fleurie cru. Any good? Simply put… it was just stunning! My wine of the night and contender for top 10 wines of the year.

Below is an excerpt of the write up done by one of our members, who goes by the name “Waiters Friend” on most of the Australian wine forums. I pretty much agree with his notes and noted that the sweet cassis notes really started showing through towards the end of the night, a good 3 hours after it was first poured.


“The first wine was so unique that it was tasted on its own. People associate Beaujolais with Nouveau, but this was anything but. The 1978 Fleurie Domaine de la Presle was almost salmon in colour. The nose showed lots of barnyard, mulch, tar and smoke, with cloves and very herbal (dried herbs). It’s not surprising that a wine of this age showed only a little cassis fruit. It has a full mouth feel, good acid, some fine residual tannins, and surprisingly a richness and weight. This would also make a good food wine. This wine surprised and impressed many of the tasters.”

Tasted July 23rd 2014.

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Casual observations of a Perth wine enthusiast. I am a recently turned 40 husband to a wonderful wife and father to 3 fantastic children. When work and family are not occupying me, my thoughts frequently turn towards two of my other passions in life, wine and food.


  1. talkavino

    Wow, a 1978 Beaujolais! This would bed practically impossible to find in US anywehere, one would actually have to acquire when it was released and to age it since. I love wines with age, so this sounds like a very nicely aged wine! Glad you experienced it.

  2. Fascinating – I need to brush up on my French wine ed and this was a good start. I need to develop my palate for aged wines…and get some fancy friends with impressive collections who like to share. Cheers!

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