X by Xabregas. Spencer & Figtree Rieslings.

I recently helped track down a bottle of wine for the crew at Grape and Grain. When picking it up, the remains of these 2 wines were left behind for me to try. There was just a glass left in each bottle… perfect. Always appreciate the chance to try some Rieslings.

“X by Xabregas wines are the ultimate expression of the vineyard and are crafted with minimal intervention to showcase each variety and the unique vineyard from which they have evolved.”

Makes me smile when wineries include a sweetness indicator on the bottle so customers can easily work out sugar levels when deciding to purchase in the shop. Very important with Rieslings as they do come in a range of sweetness levels.

Xabregas Riesling 1   Xabregas Riesling 2   Xabregas Riesling 3

2010 X by Xabregas Spencer Riesling. Mount Barker. 10.9%

Classified as medium dry.

Light lemon in hue.

Aromas of lemon zest, curd and hints of developing toasty character.

Taste. Good acid with a hint of sweetness. Lime, almost finger lime with crunchy peach, lemongrass & honeysuckle. Slight secondary flavours of toasty honeyed along with some dried mango.

A complex, rounded wine that coats every part of the mouth.

Well balanced acid and sugar that makes this very drinkable. Persistent aftertaste.


2011 X by Xabregas Figtree Riesling. Mount Barker. 12.8%

Classified as dry.

Light lemon hue.

Less aromatically giving than the Spencer. Floral, citrus and wet pebble minerality.

First sip and my reaction was, “Wow”! Love the energy and acid spine in this. Dry, with an ever so slight hint of residual sugar. Zesty lemons dance across your palate. Pear skins, mouth watering acidity. Subtle spice and lemongrass in the background. Mineral, slatey aftertaste. Lemon curd, white peach. Acid zips things up nicely at the end. Yes! Another glass please!

Less on the nose and everything happening in the mouth.

Love this. Excellent wine. Happy to buy.

Samples from distributors, Grape and Grain. On the Xabregas website, the RRP is listed as $38.

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