Margaret River Gourmet Escape 2013

On the weekend of 23rd November 2013, Mrs PWE, Ms Chardonnay and I headed down to the Margaret River Gourmet Escape.

Gourmet Escape is in it’s 2nd year of operation, runs for the weekend and sees it’s main event down at The Leeuwin Estate winery’s “Gourment Village”. There are many other satellite and fringe events featuring lunches, dinners, wine masterclasses with lots of celebrity chefs being associated with them.

It was quite a last minute decision to head down and all the lunches and dinners were booked out. Must plan better next year. We decided to spend a day at the gourmet village to sample the food and wine. It turned out to be a gloriously hot day so all plans of trying red wines went out the window. Instead, we focused on whites (especially Chardonnay) and the food on offer.

Here’s a quick summary of what we got up to.

Gourmet Escape 1

First wine tried turned out to be the wine of the day for us. A new wine to the Fraser Gallop stable. I think it’s Western Australia’s first “ice wine”. Ice pressed from Chardonnay. Delightful, sweet with a freshing acid finish.

Gourmet Escape 2

St Margaret’s Vineyard Sugar cured thai beef salad that was oohhh so good. Tender, perfect beef, herbs, Nam Jin dressing and chilli. Dissappeared in a minute.

Gourmet Escape 3

Slowcooked “Char Sui” Lamb shoulder slider. Tasty, tender meat. Lamb and char sui? Good idea and it worked.

Gourmet Escape 4    Gourmet Escape 5

Beer braised Ox Cheek “bun” by Goanna Galley Cafe. Mrs PWE and Ms Chardonnay clearly enjoyed these.

Gourmet Escape 6    Gourmet Escape 7

Never under estimate the popularity of Heston Blumenthal. Must have been thousands packed shoulder to shoulder waiting to catch a glimpse.

Along the way, Mrs PWE managed to meet up with Rick Stein and had him autograph a cookbook for me. What a superstar!

A few other dishes were tried and many wines sampled…. just didn’t document them.

Gourmet Escape 8    Gourmet Escape 9

After all that food and wine, we could only manage a quick cheese and nibbles, washed down with Moet Ice Imperial. A good way to finish a beautiful day.

Looking forward to next years event already.


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Casual observations of a Perth wine enthusiast. I am a recently turned 40 husband to a wonderful wife and father to 3 fantastic children. When work and family are not occupying me, my thoughts frequently turn towards two of my other passions in life, wine and food.

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