Wine Century Meeting #5

The fifth wine century challenge saw us back at Bad Apples Bar on the 24th September 2013.

This time the guys at Bad Apples Bar presented a range of wines where all but one were sourced from Untapped Fine wines. Untapped is an importer that specialises in South American and Spanish wines. Their website is worth checking out and allows you to buy direct from them.

Follow these links to see what went on with our 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th meetings and check the main Wine Century page for a summary of all wines tried so far.

For the first time, prices of the wines were only revealed at the end of the night, after all tasting was finished.

Ossian Quintaluna Verdejo 1    Ossian Quintaluna Verdejo 2

2011 Ossian Quintaluna Verdejo. Spain. $28

100% Verdejo

Hay straw in colour. Pleasing. Touch hot on the palate. Full palate. Honeydew pith / skin. Tangy, acid drive. Pretty and fresh.

Juan Carlos Sacha "Ad Libitum" Tempranillo Blanco 1    Juan Carlos Sacha "Ad Libitum" Tempranillo Blanco 2

2010 Juan Carlos Sacha “Ad Libitum” Tempranillo Blanco. Spain. $48

100% Tempranillo Blanco. This is a mutation of Tempranillo and was discovered in 1988.

Rich and oily. Mango skins. Frangipani flowers. Lush on the palate. Well rounded. Powerful. Lemon, lime and lemongrass. Lovely dry finish. Acid cleans this up nicely.

From memory, a lot of the group did not like this wine and thought it had some winemaking faults. ….. I liked it.

Pazo San Mauro Albariño 1    Pazo San Mauro Albariño 2

2010 Pazo San Mauro Albariño. Spain. $43

100% Albariño

Opened up quite mute on the nose. Baby powder on the nose. Juicy apples and skins. Tangy acids. Good spiced summer fruits. Sourish, bitter sweet on the palate. Had better Albariño wines.

Sant Josep Llagrimes de Tardor 1    Sant Josep Llagrimes de Tardor 2

2009 Sant Josep Llagrimes de Tardor. Spain. $38

100% Garnacha Blanc.

Smokey and pretty sweet nose of vanilla spice aromas. Intriguing. Palate is different. Dry, slatey, minerals, salty. Fruit??? Couldn’t taste any. Crushed roasted nuts. Oaky wine that I strangely enjoyed.

El Porvenir Laborum Torrontes 1    El Porvenir Laborum Torrontes 2

2012 El Porvenir Laborum Torrontes. Argentina. $35

100% Torrontes

Wow, flavours of Asia here. Fresh lychee, rambutan. Zested Lime, ginger. Hint of residual sugar with good clean acids to finish. Sensational wine. Holiday in a glass.

Catherine & Pierre Breton Chinon 1    Catherine & Pierre Breton Chinon 2

2010 Catherine & Pierre Breton Chinon. France. $35

100% Cabernet Franc.

Vegetal. Capsicum. Smokey and funky. Moderate length. Liquorice, five spice. Leafy forrest undergrowth. Finishes a bit too dry and a fraction hot.

Neo Tercer Motivo Roble 6 Meses 1    Neo Tercer Motivo Roble 6 Meses 2

2008 Neo Tercer Motivo Roble 6 Meses. Bierzo, Spain. $26

100% Mencia

Big and dense wine. Dark chocolates. Bitter sweet. Aniseed. Charred oak. Cloves and dark fruits. Needs a big steak to tame this puppy. With time in the glass, sweeter fruits emerge. Chewy, drying tannins. Enjoyed this. Very good value.

Aquitania Reserva Carmenere 1    Aquitania Reserva Carmenere 2

2011 Aquitania Reserva Carmenere. Chile. $25

100% Carmenere

Smoky brooding, slightly jubey. White pepper. Bracing acid. Slight Sarsaparilla on the nose and palate. Medicinal finish on the palate. Not sure about this.

Mi Terruno Reserva Bonarda 1    Mi Terruno Reserva Bonarda 2

2010 Mi Terruno Reserva Bonarda. Argentina. $30

100% Douce Noire which is also referred to as Bonarda in Argentina

Sweet, coffeed oak. Sarsaparilla. Moderate length. Enjoyable, happy wine. Sweet blueberry pie. Honeyed caramel.

Juan Carlos Sacha "Ad Libitum" Maturana Tinta 1    Juan Carlos Sacha "Ad Libitum" Maturana Tinta 2

2010 Juan Carlos Sacha “Ad Libitum” Maturana Tinta. Spain. $48

100% Trousseau. Goes by by many names, including Maturana Tinta in Spain and Bastardo in Portugal.

Hmmmmm… interesting nose. Funky toe jam. Burnt rubber and cabbage. Ding, next wine please.

Mendel “Lunta” Malbec 1    Mendel “Lunta” Malbec 2

2011 Mendel “Lunta” Malbec. Argentina. $33

100% Malbec

Attractive sweet fruits. Fresh green herbs. Lot’s going on in the glass. Touch of medicinal / iodine character. Ground coffee. Dark, inky wine. Mouth filling and juicy. Yes. Liked this.

Vivanco Collection Parcelas Graciano 1    Vivanco Collection Parcelas Graciano 2

2007 Vivanco Collection Parcelas Graciano. Spain. $170

100% Graciano

Fresh, minty. Love the squat shaped bottle. Big and clean. Vibrant and young. Loved its beautiful clean finish and lift. Acids cleans the palate up. Food wine. Love it. Deep red fruits, coffee. Cinnamon, cloves and star anise.

Huge thanks to Bad Apples bar for hosting and to Untapped Fine wines for organising the wines.

As a group, we have now tasted our way through 54 different varieties. The 6th meeting has been done and I must get busy with typing up the report.


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