2010 Castelli Cabernet Sauvignon. Frankland River. 13.9%

Since Halliday released his 2014 Wine Companion, there have been two wineries being talked about a lot out here in Perth. Singlefile and Castelli, interestingly both are from the Great Southern sub region of Denmark. Singlefile for being named a Darkhorse to watch and Castelli for achieving 5 red stars as a winery. 5 red stars means best of the best in a region. A huge achievement, considering Castelli has only been making wines for 7 vintages.

When the phone call came through to join the Castelli team celebrations over wine and dinner at the Butterworth, how could I say no? Thought I’d better calibrate my palate and grabbed a bottle of this wine to try.

2010 Castelli Cabernet Sauvignon


Wow! Stunning wine.

Rich, sweet ripe red berries.

Lush on the palate and lovely use of oak.

Great mouthfeel and flavours linger for an impressive amount of time.

Beautiful shavings of chocolates & ground espresso beans.

Bargain price for this quality and highly recommended.


$35 from Steves Fine Wine and Food.

Tasted 29th August 2013


About Perth Wine Enthusiast

Casual observations of a Perth wine enthusiast. I am a recently turned 40 husband to a wonderful wife and father to 3 fantastic children. When work and family are not occupying me, my thoughts frequently turn towards two of my other passions in life, wine and food.


  1. Sounds really good. I’ll have to get me some!

  2. great southern is the place to be, vinously speaking. im a longtime devotee and those two producers you note are right at the top of the tree. you have seemingly overlooked that this is fruit from the frankland river region – and that is why it is special! try frankland estate’s cab and especially their isolation ridge shiraz (and riesling of course-it is gt. southern after all). other heroes from the wider region incl; faber 010 cabernet, anything from rob diletti at castle rock, staniford chardy, la violetta ries and s/v, gilberts, galafrey and k&b rieslings…etc. like i say- the place to be.

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