The wines of Bannockburn

Bannockburn Masterclass – 24th July 2013

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I was very fortunate to be invited to a tasting master class of the wines of Bannockburn and meet its passionate winemaker, Michael Glover. The tasting was hosted by Bannockburn’s distributors, Fine Wine Wholesalers.

Bannockburn is located in Victoria and sits 25km North West of Geelong. Was good to have Michael Glover on hand to talk about each wine as we tasted and give an insight into how each was made. As we progressed though each wine, it became very evident that Michael is extremely passionate about what he does and was not afraid to voice his opinion on wines and certain trends he agrees with or disagrees with. Delightfully articulate in his presentation and entertained all present with many humorous anecdotes.

Michael Glover in action

Michael Glover in action

The Wines

2012 Bannockburn Sauvignon Blanc. $34

I found this to be aromatic, creamy on the palate and very interesting. Smokey, structured. Long lingering aftertaste. Overtones of honey and citrus zest. Liked the oak handling on this, but fairly strong. Good.

2010 Bannockburn Chardonnay. $60

Nose of struck matchsticks. Peach, melon and stones. The peach flavours were of the whole fruit, including skins and seed. Creamy oak. Plump and rich wine. Very Good.

2009 Bannockburn S.R.H Chardonnay. $85

Lemon and waxy grapefruit. Lemony. Big length and rich on palate. Huge intensity. Saline characters. Nutty, cashew creamy oak. Flinty. Eye opening. Excellent. Buying some of this!

2008 Bannockburn Douglas. $30

Intriguing blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Merlot and Pinot Noir.

Some in the group liked this, but I struggled to understand it. On the nose, soy and pickles. Orange peel, ginger and spices. Kind of reminds me of Chinese Master Stock. Certainly a different wine for me.

2008 Bannockburn Shiraz.

Unfortunately it was corked. This brought up the topic of replacement policies and customer service. Bannockburn has no issues with replacing corked wines. They normally replace the corked bottle and also throw in an extra to say sorry for the inconvenience. Excellent customer service, I say.

2005 Bannockburn Range Shiraz. $60

Really liked this wine. Nose of smoked spice and sweet fruit. Love the black olives and deli meats on the palate. Some appealing notes of truffles. Good, solid wine and worth buying.

2011 Bannockburn 1314 a.d. Pinot Noir. $23

Very clear on the eye. Chinotto like herbs. Some sour cherries and cloves. Easy going pinot.

2009 Bannockburn Pinot Noir. $55

Enjoyable, chewy wine. Excellent cherries, herbal, smokey backon, black tea and dark chocolates. Well balanced wine. Persistent aftertaste.

2010 Bannockburn Stuart Pinot Noir. $65

Wow! Good wine. Funky, earthy, twiggy and spicy wine. Tasting note said sweet beetroot and cherry. Completely agree. Very good sweet fruits. Excellent.

Michael reckons that Pinot is meant to be rustic and of the earth. This is a good example of that.

2008 Bannockburn Serre Pinot Noir. $100

Has similar characteristics to the Stuart. Less funky and less stalky. More refined and feminine.


Many thanks again to all at Fine Wine Wholesalers for inviting me along. Please note that prices quoted are approximate retail.


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