So, what’s in my cellar?

Cellar 1     Cellar 2


How do I keep track of all my wines? Knowing exactly what wine you have in the cellar is very important. Having this information handy makes it easier to work out what to drink, when to drink them by and exactly where in the cellar I can find the wine I want to drink. Ever gone looking for a wine, but can’t find it? Ever come across a wine and realise its way past its drinking window? Grrrr!

I try and avoid these problems by regularly updating my cellar information online on cellartracker and find it relatively easy to use. There 2 apps available for your smart devices that interface with cellartracker nicely and make it very easy to see visually what wines I have. There is “” that works on both iPhone and iPad and “cellarVU”, which only works on iPad.

Just updated my wine collection on cellartracker and here is an insight to my current holdings:

Australia              60.2%

France                  14.4%

New Zealand      11.7%

Italy                      9.7%

Spain                    3.0%

Germany              0.3%

Portugal               0.3%

USA                       0.3%


Few quick comments

Australia used to represent almost 90% when I first started tracking my cellar in 2007

Of the Australian wines, a very large proportion used to be from South Australia. This has reduced quite quickly and there is now a better balance with wines from Western Australia and to a slightly lesser extent, Victoria and New South Wales.

I love Spanish wines, so why does it make up such a small part of the cellar? I’m not sure either. Must fix this

Have only just got into German Riesling. Looking forward to seeing this part of the cellar grow.


About Perth Wine Enthusiast

Casual observations of a Perth wine enthusiast. I am a recently turned 40 husband to a wonderful wife and father to 3 fantastic children. When work and family are not occupying me, my thoughts frequently turn towards two of my other passions in life, wine and food.


  1. Are American wines harder to find in Australia?

  2. Thanks for the app tips for iPad. I’ve been meaning to try it out but always hard to know where to start.

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