Wine Century Meeting #3

We headed back to Steve’s Fine Wine & Food for the 3rd gathering of our Wine Century group on the 22nd of May 2013. Follow these links to see what we tried on our first and second meet.

Giró Ribot Muscat de Frontignac1   Giró Ribot Muscat de Frontignac2

2011 Giró Ribot Muscat de Frontignac. Penedés, Spain. 13%. RRP $20

Muscat de Frontignac Grape

Very Spanish. Almonds, powder. Very good length. Gorgeous mouthfeel. Lemon peel. Love this. Chalky. Quince. Bitter sweet wine. Personality ++

Sepp Moser Gruner Veltliner von den Terrassen 1   Sepp Moser Gruner Veltliner von den Terrassen 2

2011 Sepp Moser Gruner Veltliner von den Terrassen. Kremstal, Austria. 12.5% RRP $26

Gruner Veltliner grape

Spicy Apples. Touch thin. Grows on palate. Aromas of wet wool. Ginger peel. Touch prickly on palate. Refreshing. Perhaps a touch flat? An okay wine.

Phinca Durmiente Rufete Blanco 1   Phinca Durmiente Rufete Blanco 2

2010 Phinca Durmiente Rufete Blanco. Hormilla, Spain. 13% RRP $55

Rufete Blanco grape

Very yellow hay to look at. Sherry like lemon peel and juice. Bit honeyed. Lees and cream. Orange peel. Juicy palate and a big mouthful of flavour. Tried this a year ago and loved it. It has aged very quickly and I was very surprised at how fast it has evolved. Not sure about this wine anymore.

Michael Hall Roussanne 1   Michael Hall Roussanne 2

2012 Michael Hall Roussanne. Barossa Valley. 13.5%. RRP $43

Roussanne grape

Oily and fat palate. Has good acid to drive through on the palate. Very good. Vanilla oak. Touch sweet. Best Roussane I have ever tried. Not bitter or blousy like some others I have tried. Flinty. Still a touch awkward. Give this a few more months and I reckon it will be singing.

Phinca Encanto Rufete 1   IPhinca Encanto Rufete 2

2010 Phinca Encanto Rufete. Hormilla, Spain. 13% RRP $55

Rufete grape

Quite Pinot like, mixed with Sangiovese. Very sour cherries. No tannins. Bracing acids. Like it’s white cousin, this is aging way too quickly from a year ago.

Castel Firmian Lagrein   Castel Firmian Marzemino

2010 Castel Firmian Lagrein. Trentino DOC, Italy. 13% RRP $26

Lagrein grape

Seemed a touch contrived. Chewy lipstick, mush, boot polish and some bitter herbs. Disjointed and flabby.

2010 Castel Firmian Marzemino. Trentino DOC, Italy. 13% RRP $26

Marzemino grape

Better than the Lagrein. Sweeter chinotto notes. Still stuggling a bit.

Zuccolo Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso

2010 Zuccolo Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso. Friuli, Italy. 12.5% RRP $25

Refosco grape

Chinotto, cola. Sweetish. Chewy oregano. Very cleansing acids. Immediately associate this with being a Pizza wine.

Agricola Querciabella 1   Agricola Querciabella 2

2009 Agricola Querciabella. Chianti Classico DOCG, Italy. 13.5% RRP $52.

Sangiovese grape

Ahh, a much better wine. Back on track. Beautiful wine. Grippy tannins. Nice herbs. Good structure and will be an excellent food wine.

Salvatore Molettieri Vigna Cinque Quercie Riserva

2004 Salvatore Molettieri Vigna Cinque Quercie Riserva. Taurasi DOCG, Campania, Italy. 14% RRP $80.

Aglianico grape

First bottle was corked. Luckily a spare bottle was on hand. Sweet fruits with porcini mushroom notes. Ground coffee and a lick of aniseed. Excellent.

Chalmers Sagrantino

2008 Chalmers Sagrantino. Heathcote. 14.5% RRP $32

Sagrantino grape

A wall of mouth drying tannin. Good core of sweet fruit. Has potential to be very good. Don’t try drinking this without any food though.

Starting to work our way through these varietals. We are now up to 31 varieties.

Already starting to plan our next tasting, which will have a very strong Italian focus and hoping to cover some Greek varieties as well.

Summary of our progress can be seen here

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