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wine course


What do you know about Italian wine? Yes, most of us have heard about Chianti and Pinot Grigio, but there is so much more to Italian wines than that.

The Italian Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Perth has organised a wine course. Spread over 8 sessions, the course promises to delve into the 14 broad regions of Italian wine and aims to showcase these regions’ unique wines.

At the media launch last night, co – host Michael Tamburri of La Vigna wines mentioned that Italy is home to over 600 indigenous grapes and some of them will be tasted during the course.

Want to learn your Barbera from your Barolo? Nebbiolo from your Dolcetto? Verdicchio, Vernaccia, Vermentino sound similar? They are all 3 different grape varieties, grown in 3 different parts of Italy. Find out about the Ripasso method of Italian winemaking from the Veneto surrounds of Venice and many other unique aspects of Italian Vino.

The course is supported by the father / daughter team of Michael and Ann Marie Tamburri from La Vigna, Single Vineyard Sellers and Maurizio Restaurant.

What wines did we try at the Media Launch?

IMG_2390    IMG_2393   IMG_2398

The rare Cascina Chicco Cuvee Zero. A sparkling wine that was made from the Nebbiolo grape. Nougat, yeasty and spicy notes on this refreshing wine.

2011 Michele Chiarlo Gavi Rovereto, which was a rich and intense white wine.

2010 I Giusti e Zanza Nemorino. A rich, full bodied “Super Tuscan” made from a blend of Shiraz, Sangiovese and Merlot.

If these enjoyable wines are any indication of what participants will taste, then they are in for a great education.

Full details can be found on the Italian Chamber of Commerce & Industry website.

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Casual observations of a Perth wine enthusiast. I am a recently turned 40 husband to a wonderful wife and father to 3 fantastic children. When work and family are not occupying me, my thoughts frequently turn towards two of my other passions in life, wine and food.

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