Merah Putih Restaurant. Bali. 20th April 2013.

Merah Putih logo

Merah Putih had only been open about a month when we visited. Fell in love with the interior of the restaurant as we walked in. Large, cavernous dining room, sunning presentation. Ceilings must be over 6 meters high which has the effect of bringing the outside in. Welcomed the cool air conditioning as most Bali restaurants are “open air” and quite warm. The tubes you see extending from the ceiling to the floor serve the purpose of funnelling rain water to their underground storage and treatment facility for later use. Very cool.

Image courtesy of Merah Putih facebook page

Image courtesy of Merah Putih facebook page

IMG_2107   IMG_2106

Menu is divided up into traditional and modern Indonesian food. I really like menus that are short and concise. Makes it easier to focus when ordering.


To keep it short, the food was excellent. Service was friendly and efficient. Big wow factor when you walk into the dining room. I have a new #2 favourite Bali restaurant. Highly recommended and will challenge the established top restaurants in Bali. Can’t wait to head back.

My #1 is still Sarong, which is just over the road.

What we ate.


Complimentary Laksa seafood amuse bouche.


Padang Beef shin “Bak Pao” – rendang in steamed buns, shallots and green sambal.


Grilled prawn that was on the specials list.


Ayam Garo Rica – chargrilled Manadonese spring chicken, chilli, kaffir, leeks.

Served with a side of Nasi Uduk – Rice with coconut, lemongrass and pandan leaf.

Look up their facebook page for more information.

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