Plantagenet tasting in their Fremantle cellar. 21st March 2013

Plantagenet tasting

The wines of Plantagenet are from the Great Southern region of Western Australia. They make wines under 2 labels. Their flagship Plantagenet range and their more accessible Omrah range.

I was kindly invited down to take part in one of Plantagenet’s regular club member tastings.

Unfortunately, I arrived late due to earlier commitments and had to zip through the whites very quickly as they were preparing to move onto the reds. While quickly sampling the whites, I looked around the room and at a guess there would have been almost 100 happy participants. Sipping away, happily chatting and nibbling on the many plates of food scattered on each table.

Onto the wines

2012 Plantagenet Riesling
Slight residual sugar. Refreshing. Good acid

2005 Plantagenet Riesling
Ageing very well. Hint of ripe mango and dried apricots. Nice minerals in the background.

2012 Omrah Sauvignon Blanc
Good, crowd pleaser.

2011 Omrah Chardonnay
Yep, another good crowd pleaser.

2012 Plantagenet Cardonnay
Slightly oaked. Good energy. Nectarine and white peach. Complex. Lovely wine

2012 Omrah Rose. Blend of Pinot Noir and Tempranillo.
Dry style rose. Savoury. Onion skin. Kissed by lychee, ginger and pomegranate. Moderate length. Hint of residual sugar. Pleasant wine.

2010 Plantagenet Shiraz
Spicy. Rich fruit. Meaty. Capsicum. Bit of grippy tannins. Touch of stalk. Okay. Crowd loved this, but I struggled.

2009 Plantagenet Shiraz
Elegant. Spicy and meaty. Excellent wine. Mid weight, with lovely minerals, iron filings and a savoury finish.

2004 Plantagenet Shiraz
Same vein as the 2009. Well resolved and ageing well. Good.

2011 Plantagenet Cabernet Sauvignon
Tomato leaf. Good, but a touch aggressive? Hard to describe this.

2009 Plantagenet Cabernet Sauvignon
Excellent wine! Ripe blackcurrants, juicy dark fruits backed by chocolate mints. Silky palate. Good powdery tannins. Long life ahead of this. For a wine of this quality, it’s a bargain! They had this on special for $35 on the night. Good enough to take on the heavy weights of Margaret River Cab!

Overall, a good solid range of wines with one absolute knockout wine.

Big thanks to Plantagenet for inviting me down to take part in their incredibly generous tasting for their members. I’m not sure there are too many wineries that host these tastings, with that much food and on what appears to be a fairly regular occurrence. Well done for looking after their customers.

If you want to find out more about their wine club membership and regular tastings, head over to their website and follow the prompts.

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  1. Shame I was not able to make it to this event! It sounds like I missed a great night!

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